Over 1.8 million active users are using KING OF TIME in Japan
KING OF TIME is the leading cloud attendance
management system in the market.
There is no restrictions to where/ when you can clock-in.

The most widely used attendance management system.

There is no need to worry if you are not familiar with computers. KING OF TIME is user-friendly and easy for both admin and employees alike.
It is easy for managers to monitor late-in and Early-out in Real-time, employee can easily apply schedule request such as annual leave.
Able to assess your employee’s work status in multiple operation sites simultaneously from King of Time.
Say good bye to puch card. The automatic calculation & export feature will help you organize data necessary for payroll calculation.

smartphonepersonal computerhybrid fingerprint Certificationemployee setting

Simple to Use. Quick to Implement.

You can easily adopt using the free PC / smartphone (GPS) time-stamping and as well as ID card time-stamping.
By incorporating biometric and other authentication method, it is possible to prevent unauthorized attendance stamping.
We also have a dedicated terminal for attendance management that does not require a PC.
Additionally, we are also able to link with the Windows logon / log-off time management and access control system.
In this manner, the time attendance are closer to actual work station timing. We are the first to implement the use of such technology.


[Wide-ranging functions that can adapt to all requirements]
KING OF TIME can be customised to your company's overtime and leave policies, automatically calculated in real-time together with the time stamp.

It is also possible to grant authority to each outlet and manager to manage application approval online. The data is easy to export to the payroll software.

We will respond to revisions according to the labour law and reflect customer feedback with a free version upgrade.

Support System


We have professional helpdesks in both Tokyo and Oita who are able to provide you with stress-free support. It is free-of-charge and always available during regular work hours.

You can also rest assure of our secure servers which is located in 2 separate location. We have undergone third-party vendors for testing our security and always managed to obtain certification.



The attendance management system
KING OF TIME is used by customers in various industries such as manufacturing, retail, F&B and offices.

Requirements in attendance management also vary depending on the type of business. For example, the requirements for restaurant chains and hotels are different, but KING OF TIME has always incorporated the voices of customers from a wide variety of industries, business types, and work styles.

For that reason, we became a robust attendance management system that is capable to wax and wane to fit the requirements of the customer.

A variety of clock-in methods to choose the best style for your company.

KING OF TIME gives you the most choice.”Use an IC card reader to clock in at the office” “Clock out via smartphone when out at a meeting”
Combination of various clock-in methods can be used to achieve convenience and efficiency.

Password Authentication

Enter password on a shared PC.
Enter your pre-set password on a shared PC, and your time is recorded. This is a simple method of clock-in without using authentication devices.

Click to clock-in on your computer or tablet

Clock-in from your personal time recorder screen.
The page is online, so there is no need to install a program. Works with location information settings.

By smartphone or mobile phone

Easily clock-in on your smartphone or mobile phone even when you are out.
Ideal for managing location information and managing sales representatives who often go directly from home to meetings, or from meetings back home.

Windows PC automatically clock-in

Automatically retrieves the logon/logoff time from your own Windows PC.
Also ideal for accurately understanding work conditions and managing telework.

IC card clock-in
(PC connection)

Use common IC cards such as transportation cards (Felica, MIFARE) for clock-in. Normal transportation cards or employee IDs can be used without modification.

IC card clock-in on dedicated terminals

A dedicated clock-in terminal with a touch screen LCD panel. No PC is required, which saves space.
Compatible with wired/wireless LAN and 3G communication.

Fingerprint authentication clock-in (PC connection)

With biometric authentication there’s no risk like forgetting or losing your IC card.
Accurate identification makes it the best for security as well.

Finger vein authentication (PC connection)

Often used in high security offices such as at banks.
Also less affected by the condition of the skin than fingerprints.

Finger hybrid authentication clock-in (PC connection)

Fingerprints and finger veins are read at the same time. Contactless reading eliminates hygiene concerns.

 IC card clock-in or finger hybrid authentication clock-in on dedicated terminals

The highly accurate identification capability allows clock-in by popular hybrid finger authentication and IC card. This is a dedicated check-in terminal with LCD which does not require a PC connection.

Clock-in on an iPad with a 2D color code (+ facial recognition)

The 2D color code, “Chameleon Code” is read with the iPad camera. Incorporating facial recognition prevents the creation of incorrect clock-in.

Clock-in automatically (IC card) at entrance and exit

Automatically records entry and exit times by linking with the entrance and exit management system.
Allows for the simultaneous keeping of clock-in and clock-out records along with door security.

Clock-in via iPad facial recognition

Uses the world’s most accurate facial recognition AI engine, “NeoFace”.
Just take a photo on an iPad with the dedicated app installed.


Clocking-in and out with Line business chat (No.1 market share in Japan) is available now.

Smartphone App

New Android and IOS version smartphone app that supports geo-fencing function.
Example: It is possible to specify the radius of which employee can clock-in. “Within a range of 20 meters”.

Temperature Record-keeping

Simultaneous record of time-stamping and temperature recording.
For workforce health management, it is required to take temperature when attending work. Employees can record their daily temperature and time-stamping via facial recognition technology.

Health Management App

Incentives are given to employees who are doing their time-stamps.
Employees can get incentives by stamping their clock-in and clock-out with the health management app “Guppy Healthcare”, earning points that can exchange for Amazon gift certificates. This help employees from forgetting to stamp, which leads to increased accuracy for time attendance data.

Cloud Recorder

Easy time-stamping with web browser.
The set-up is simple and straightforward. You can time-stamp by simply selecting a name and entering your own password. Managers can easily check stamp history of employees and attendance status.
The cloud recorder does not require any software installation.

It is also possible to use the counting function on the cloud recorder.
Employees can set their own items that they want to tabulate, such as lunch box counts.

IC Card Reader (Portable Terminal)

Easy to install and bring around. Saves space.
A terminal dedicated to stamping with a touch panel LCD of the attendance management system KING OF TIME. It does not require a PC connection and is space-saving, so it does not take up space. Powered with battery and can be carried around.

Link with payment terminal

Doing time stamps for employees working in stores with “stera terminal”.
The all-in-one payment terminal “stera terminal” is a cashless payment terminal that can handle all payment methods such as credit cards, electronic money, and various code payments.
In addition to payment, there is an app marketplace “stera market” that has Android applications that can be used to improve business efficiency.
The KING OF TIME app is a dedicated application that allows employees to manage attendance and departure simply by holding a transportation IC card over the stera terminal.

We have robust features to meet complex needs/requirements.

KING OF TIME is an all-in-one attendance management system.
All the latest management features ensure compliance with revision of labor laws, support included for the same price.

Setting Overtime Standards

Normal overtime, holiday overtime, premium overtime, and various calculation standards can be set separately for full time, part time, or other employment types. Preventing excessive overtime work begins with visualizing the current situation.

Schedule/Shift Management

You can make an unlimited number of personal schedule patterns for flextime and discretionary work, or vacation. Employees can also apply and check the schedule from their mobile phone or PC.

Admin Permission Feature

Set viewing and editing permissions for each division or employment type.
For example, you can limit section manager to viewing/approving requests only, while authorizing the department manager to edit data.
You can also keep track of the edit history of changes made by administrators.


Submit/approve overtime, time record edit and schedule requests, as well as closing the attendance data from anywhere. You can set up up to 5 levels of approval flow.

Leave Management Features

Paid leaves, comp leaves, holidays in lieu, summer holidays and bereavement days. You can also set unique holidays and holidays with an expiration date. We also support the accruement of hourly and half-day holidays. The amount of remaining holidays are easily visualized, which will help ensure it is used.

Alert Features

Displays an alert when late-ins and overtime reaches the specified threshold. Also indicates errors such as forgotten clock-in or clock-in on holidays to simplify the work of reviewing at the end of the period.

Supports a variety of work rules

It is possible to analyse and manage the time-stamps, working hours, overtime hours, etc. in real time.
Unlike traditional time cards, you don’t have wait until the end of the next month to be updated. You will be able to assess overtime hours between the head office and stores in real time. This is especially important for retail and F&B operations.
We also support various employment rules such as weekly / monthly / yearly variable work and flex work.

Integration with payroll management systems

You can import employee and admin data, with the monthly data export(for salary calculation).
You can streamline the flow from attendance management to payroll easily.
In addition, we have seamless API integration with the following payroll companies 1.HR Freee 2.Money Forward Cloud Payroll and 3. Kyuyo bugyo cloud. There is no need to export the data for doing payroll with these three partners.

Data Export

Export data in CSV, Excel or PDF format. These include attendance data, work time summary, personnel cost estimations, daily/weekly/monthly data.

Office management

You can check and manage the work status of your employees in your global operations from online. It enables centralized global management in real time.

Overseas Support/English Support

You can switch language display settings and time zone settings. Manage branch offices and factories overseas in the same manner. Centralized global management in real-time.

Workstyle Reform Law-related Settings

Includes features on overtime upper limit regulations, using 5 days or more of paid leave, work intervals, high level professionals, premium wage rate for over 60 hours work per month, 3 months flextime management and annual leave data. These can help you stay aware of compliance with new laws and regulations.

Visualization of Attendance

Visualize attendance status by months, years, or customized periods. You can also acquire data automatically, then integrate with our visualized analysis tool.

Real-time Management

Real-time batch management of remote locations. Unlike paper time cards, you’ll never need to wait until the end of the next month to understand the current situation.

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